Chris Schmandt
Director (retired), Living Mobile Group (formerly Speech+Mobility)
MIT Media Lab
4 Longfellow Rd
Winchester, MA 01890

Kid pix and Photo panoramas


M.I.T., Master of Science, Visual Studies, 1980

M.I.T., Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, 1978

Professional Experience

M.I.T. (retired)

Media Laboratory, Principal Research Scientist, 1985-2018
Director, Speech+Mobility Group (former Speech Interface Group)

Architecture Machine Group, Research Associate, 1980-1984

Architecture Machine Group, Research Assistant, 1979-1980

Architecture Machine Group, Graphics Programmer, 1977-1979

Departmental Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program Coordinator , 1984-2018

Departmental Committee on Graduate Studies, 1996-2002

Laboratory Committee on Intellectual Property 2001-2017, chair 2003-present

Sponsored Research Activities

User Interfaces for Ubiquitous Communication, Things That Think Consortium , MIT Media Lab, 2003-2018

Alerting and Mobile Messaging, Digital Life Consortium , MIT Media Lab, 1997-2018

Acoustical Cues to Discourse Structure, National Science Foundation, Principal Investigator, 1995-1998

Parsing Radio, News in the Future Consortium, MIT Media Lab, 1993-2001

Desktop Audio, Sun Microsystems, Inc., Principal Investigator, 1989-1996

Voice Interaction in Hand Held Computer, Apple Computer, Principal Investigator, 1991-1993

Voice Interfaces for Network Services, AT&T, Principal Investigator, 1989-1991

Back Seat Driver, NEC, Principal Investigator, 1988-1991

Acoustic and Visual Cues for Speech Recognition, DARPA, co-Principal Investigator, 1986-1988

Personal Computers and Telephony, NTT Public Corporation, Principal Investigator, 1984-1989

Home Telecomputing, Atari, Inc., Principal Investigator, 1983


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