pic at pillarsDaniel "Dazza" Greenwood, JD

The MIT Media Lab, Human Dynamics Group

Dazza Greenwood, a lecturer and research scientist at the MIT Media Lab, conducts research projects on big data, identity federation and trust frameworks with 2013/2014 academic year research focus on defining and developing "Computational Legal Science" as a sub-discipline of computational social science.  Dazza leads the consultancy, providing solutions at the intersection of business, law and technology for the innovation economy.  Dazza also serves as the Vice Chair of the Plenary for the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG of NSTIC), which is developing a framework for federated identity and privacy at the international level.  Dazza has consulted to fortune 100 companies, including the insurance industry and financial services sector, architecting the creation of trust frameworks.  Federally, Dazza has testified several times on eCommerce before the US House and US Senate and has consulted to NASA as an Online Identity expert, GSA as a multilateral rules drafting expert, Homeland Security as a multistate Federal governance expert and many other agencies and departments. Dazza is a member of the Steward’s Council of the Identity Commons and heads it’s Forum on Law of Identity and Personal Data.  Dazza also co-founded the eCitizen Foundation, which focused on creating citizen-centered online identity and personal data sharing projects and solutions. 

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