Ben Waber, PhD

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I am President and CEO of Humanyze, a behavioral analytics company based off of my research. I literally wrote the book on People Analytics.

I am also a visiting scientist at the MIT Media Lab, where I received my PhD in the Human Dynamics Group working with Prof. Alex (Sandy) Pentland. John Van Maanen and David Krackhardt served as readers on my thesis committee. I was previously a Senior Researcher at Harvard Business School in the Organizational Behavior group. My work centers around using real time data flows to rethink management of people, physical architecture, corporate planning, and training, among other things.

I received my BA and MA in Computer Science in four years from Boston University in 2006. During this time I was a member of the Image and Video Computation Group. I received a minor in Japanese, and I studied abroad in Japan for one semester during my Junior year at the Kyoto Center for Japanese Studies (now the Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies). I have also enjoyed working at various research labs in Japan, including Hitachi's Central Research Laboratory and Ricoh's Central Research Laboratory.

My work has been featured in many major outlets. Before Humanyze I consulted for industry leaders such as LG, McKinsey & Company, and Gartner on technology trends, social networks, and organizational design.

My current research interests include dynamic organizational design, organizational behavior, social networks, sensor networks, prediction mechanisms, and information flow.

My wife Rebecca Waber was also in the Media Lab in Dan Ariely's E-Rationality Group, and now is an executive at CVS.