About me

I am a PhD student in the MIT Media Lab, in the Human Dynamics group, where I am co-advised by Dave Rand and Sandy Pentland. I am interested in understanding and portraying the behavior of humans, both as individuals and as groups, through computational and discursive methods. I'm also a fan of trail running and vegetables.



My work integrates aspects of design and computational social science to model and understand cooperative systems. I focus on new challenges and oppurtunities that emerge from a digital society, particularly in the domains of artificial intelligence and social media.

In particular, I believe the true potentials of these emergent technologies to transform society have not yet been realized due to perverse incentives and myopic design. The behavioral sciences provide a wealth of knowledge about the mechanisms that enable human systems to be cooperative, disruptive, and harmonious. I seek to use computational and design methodologies to translate these insights from the social sciences into interventions that allow social media and AI to change the world for the better.

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Selected Publications:


Black Rock Atlas

A community-driven art project and research study exploring the patterns of cooperation at Burning Man.

Untangling the knotty web of AI

A discursive theory about the network of human actors that constitute AI systems - and how perceptions of agency impact blame and praise in these systems.


  • Scissors Congruence

    A web app that visualizes the famous algorithm in an intuitive and friendly way.

    Read more in PopSci's coverage of NSF Vizzy Winners.
  • Big Mouth Billy Bass
    Animatronic Billy Bass made with Processing, Arduino, and fresh pacific Tilapia.
  • AI Spirits

    By training a GAN on removed objects, we conjure phantasms.

    Explore the haunted house or read more.
  • The Mediasphere

    I synthesized live music, avant garde animation and other media into an experimental digital media project in the Pomona planetarium . Watch a recording here or read the full manuscript here.
  • Wikipath
    For a hackathon, we built an application that finds shortest path between Wikipedia articles.
  • Snakes on a hyperplane

    For a hackathon, we a built Multiplayer 3D Snake game
  • Spam Universe

    Decentralized art movement subverting technohegemony. Explore the collective, see the museum or eat the food.