Social Elevator

- the elevator that connects spaces and people


The installation is designed for the main elevators in the Weisner building. Inside and outside each elevator, there are 6 spaces in total: the space within the elevator, 4F, 3F, 2F, G, and LL. 

Visual and auditory channels are created between these spaces. Projectors, video cameras, loudspeakers and microphones are installed in each space. The door of elevator in each space is used as projecting screen. 

When you hit the elevator button (Up/Down) in the lobby, the communication channels between lobby and elevator is created. The projector displays the scene within the elevator on the elevator door. you can see and hear what's happening in there, while people in the elevator, if there is any, can notice the same thing. If there are people in both spaces, they can talk with each other face to face just like they are in the same space. 

After a short talk, the elevator door opens. People who are displayed on the door appear right in front of you. In this moment, you trade smiles and spaces with each other.  Within the elevator, you hit the button "4F", and your destination appears when the door closes. 

The elevator can actually connect multi-channels. For example, in the mid-way when the elevator goes up, someone in the lower-level hit the Up button. The scenes from LL and 4F are displayed on the screen simultaneously.