Welcome to the Musicpainter download page. The project is developed by Wu-Hsi Li, who is from Music, Mind, Machine group in MIT Media lab. 

Required software package (for Window, Mac, Linux users)

Please find python in the first link, and gtk+ runtime, pygtk, pygobject, pycairo from the second link.  



For general windows users, I packed all the 5 software prerequisite here. Hope that will save you some times. 

Musicpainter main program download

Musicpainter (windows)   (Right Click and choose "Save As"...)

Musicpainter (XO or linux)  (If you have a XO (OLPC laptop), you don't need to install any extra software package.)

Musicpainter (Mac) is coming soon, sorry, I'm trying to locate the csoundserver executable for MAC now.

Running the program

Generally, you need to launch the csound server (in csoundxo folder), then execute Musicpainter(with python).

For windows user, you need to execute csnd.exe in the csoundXO folder, then run Musicpainter.py to execute the program. Don't block it if you receive warning from your firewall system. 

Documents on Musicpainter

User manual for Musicpainter

My master thesis proposal on Musicpainter. (The project is called Musictetris in the thesis)

If you have any problem, contact wuhsi AT media D0T mit D0T edu. Thank you.