Tristan Swedish
Masters Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Updates: web-site being moved from personal site. Check out the latest work I'll be presenting at SIGGRAPH 2015: eyeSelfie. Personal site.

I've got a keen interest in refactoring hardware, imaging systems, and the algorithms that turn unstructured measurements into useful information. I've put cameras on flying robots, built a user-aligned retinal imaging device, and have made my cactus mobile.

Bio: Tristan Swedish is a research assistant with the Camera Culture group at the MIT Media Lab. He received a degree in Electrical Engineering and Physics at Northeastern University, where he created computational models of light propagation in lung tissue and worked on an optical device to measure the biomechanics of the cornea. Tristan has also worked at BBN Technologies on a project to detect signals in non-stationary environments and more efficient solutions to inverse problems in shock wave propagation. Recently, Tristan has been building a new class of user-centric retinal imaging cameras inspired by computational photography and displays.