Interactive and collaborative installation between the web and a collection of physical radios for creating FM broadcasted music

Media Jukebox
Simulation of a large scale open media database distributed through location and time within a city

Programming environment, and a set of Cocoa/C libraries for the analysis, visualization, modeling, and synthesis of music

Cati Dance
Self-edited, self-synchronized-to-music interactive video of Cati dancing

Networked Improvised Music
Adaptive, beat-synchronized environment for creative music improvisation over distance

Paganini's Caprice
Computer-enhanced transcription of Niccolò Paganini's Caprice No. 24, for solo acoustic violin

Toy Symphony
Piece for full orchestra, solo hyperviolin, children's chorus, shapers and beatbugs (composed by Tod Machover)

Computer-controlled, digitally enhanced, polyphonic electric violin (the latest of the series of Hyperinstruments)

Nature Suite
Sound design and computer program for 'Nature Suite' (composed by Jean-Pascal Beintus)

Vinyl MP3
Old-fashion record player that plays MP3s transparently

Interactive storytelling modular puppets that record and playback child dialogues, altering the character voices (created by Cati Vaucelle)

Drum-pattern analyzer that instantly finds loop points, change the tempo without altering the sound, and outputs MIDI

Autonomous Robot Design Competition

Real-time Harmonizer
Real-time, formant-happy, polyphonic pitch shifter

Piece for symphony orchestra, three keyboards, and audio-driven electronic sound textures (composed by Tod Machover)

Droppin' Science
Tangible, easy-to-use, loop-based music mixing interface for children

Cocktail-making controlled musical environment

Simple graphical additive synthesis application for the creation of new sounds