Droppin' Science

Virginia Eubanks
(sound design)
Tristan Jehan
(software, sound design)
Egon Pasztor
Elisabeth Sylvan
Cati Vaucelle
(software, sound design)
Special thanks to Adrienne DeWolfe and DJ Spooky (Paul Miller)

Droppin' Science consists of the design of a board to mix music using sensors. Participants of workshop use a mixing board to make their own music by assembling and editing instrumental, sound-effect, beat and spoken-word samples together to form a composition. They plug in sensors to adjust speed, volume, location of the samples and mix the music, producing songs from begin to end. All the action is physical, not on the computer. The students learn that it is the content and creative ideas that drive self-expression.

We hope kids:

1. consider issues of composition, musicianship, and improvisation in modern music
2. build sampled music (without requiring any technical and musical skills)
3. understand how mathematical concepts apply to music


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