Skeleton - Personalized Music Synthesizer




Extraction and modeling of:

1) Rhythmic structure (temporal information = horizontal axis)

2) Harmonic structure (pitch information = vertical axis)

3) Timbral structure (sound quality = other axes)



Parallel goals are:

1) Strucutral description of music (insights in perception/cognition)

2) Higher Compression (adaptive rates with no perceptual loss)

3) Music synthesis (transformations, substitutions, composition)



1) Segmentation [original] [scrambling]

2) Reversing [original] [reversed]

2) Beat tracking [classical] [jazz] [pop]

2) Speed transformation [original] [faster]

3) Harmonic variations [original] [transformation]

4) Clustering [original] [compression10%]


5) Downbeat estimation

examples: [beatles] [jazz] [3/4]


6) Cross-matching = Cross-fading + beat-matching

examples: [funk] [speeding-up] [DJ mix]


7) Chroma analysis


8) Cross-synthesis

a- Funk: [source] [target] [result] [mix]

b- BB-King: [source] [target] [result] [mix]


9) Music Stretching (or Music Texture)
example: [source] [3200%]


10) Corrupted Music
example: [corrupted] [fixed]