Timothy Chklovski

I have completed my PhD in Computer Science at MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in January of 2003, and starsted at USC's ISI as a research scientist shortly thereafter. My new page is gradually taking shape at http://www.isi.edu/~timc

Previously, I received a Master's in EECS and a Bachelor's in Math and EECS from MIT in '98, and for two years ('99-01) pursued cutting edge research in Natural Language and Search technologies at aQuery, a company I've co-founded. 

I'm passionate about pursuing research in Artificial Intelligence, focusing on acquiring knowledge from people and developing schemes for plausible infernces over it, Natural Language Processing (lexical semantics -- what words mean), and Web (Text) Mining. I am also deeply interested in software tools that help us think better and focus on the right problem(s).

Here is a resume (.html) (.ps) (.pdf).

MIT AI lab

My PhD dissertation, Using Analogy to Acquire Commonsense Knowledge from Human Contributors, aimed to enable massive knowledge acquisition from human contributors (aiming at the same thing the CYC project has been after, but with more contributors and a less precise (more simple, for both better and worse) knowledge representation).  It is available:

My thesis committee consisted of great mentors:

  For more, see Learner below.

I did my Master's thesis on Recognition and Classification by Exploration.  The work was performed under Marvin Minsky and is available:


1001 Questions, powered by Learner AI Engine

1001 Questions: An Open Mind Game of Knowledge

Powered by the Learner AI engine (which I developed for my PhD project), this free online game acquires knowledge from millions of web users.  See the project home page for more.

The more you teach it, the smarter its questions become.

Go ahead, teach computers a thing or two!


The site has been profiled at:


Word Games: Open Mind Word Expert

You can now make computers smarter by playing word games and puzzles.  In this free online word game you compete with other players to decide which senses given words are used in. Try it Out!

In the process of playing, the game also collects WordNet word sense tags for NLP researchers to use.  You can obtain the data from http://teach-computers.org/download (README)

Here is a recent paper about the system:

T. Chklovski and R. Mihalcea. 2002. Building a Sense Tagged Corpus with Open Mind Word Expert. In Proceedings of the Workshop on "Word Sense Disambiguation: Recent Successes and Future Directions", ACL 2002 pp. 116-122 (.ps), 206K

The site has been profiled at:


I also founded and ran a venture-funded (by Accel partners) search and information analysis company called aQueryaQuery has developed a Meaning Engine, enabling context-based information retrieval, navigation, and structuring.  The work involved a lot of computational linguistics, statistical analysis, and heuristic programming.

Email Tim Chklovski at timc@ai.mit.edu

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