Burning Man 2003
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A trampoline with a safety cage in Pennsylvania. Good idea. I used to wonder about yard trampolines. Your kids will have fun and lots of friends, but they'll all break their necks. Now the little ones who can't make it over the net will survive. Padding on the springs keeps their little necks from getting twisted in the holes too. It took 150 years for someone to invent these improvements

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"Basin and Range" by John McPhee is all about the geology of I-80. Here's some now! the mining trucks are gigantic.
We're near Chicago. Flying into Midway, this hole is so huge it looks like the planet just drops away.

They left a narrow wall in the middle for I-80. See the tiny trucks and cars on top?

Someone's going to invent a sport that can only be played here. They'll build a huge stadium all around the edge.

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    A mysterious pipe up on the edge of the hole. I think it's to drop lunches to the workers.

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Iowa City. Visiting Anne Harley's friends Sabine and Tobias.
They're camera shy.
Tobias is making a sword.
It's peaceful here. Speed limit is 20mph but people drive 15.
Dave is driving west to walk the earth.

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  Denver. Aunt Claudine said she'd leave the light on for us. It was a giant "WELCOME" projected on the garage with this nifty projector. Claudine teaches reading to the gangsta kids of Denver.

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She buys the magazine subscriptions and supplies herself. The flag never touches the ground. The Claudine-o-matic. The water jug drips into the birdfeeder to flush out west nile virus mosquito larvae.  

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Nevada. I can't feel my legs. We stopped to see giant folk-art near Imlay. No sign or ads, no staff. We wandered around. It's Thunder Mountain Park. All houses should look like this. Powerful art speaks for itself.

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Canyons like fingers. Anything strange is probably a silver mine.

Burning Man!
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Possible responses?
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We helped "Pete" make art. Not his real name of course but "playa name".
It takes a masters degree at least to do this stuff.

1. How's the weather up there?
2. How do you get down?
3. How do you get up?

By cleverly incorporating a ladder and side wheels into the design, the bicycle answers questions two and three, freeing the rider to expound on the fine weather. img_1024.jpg img_1025.jpg
A giant barrel of monkeys and a yurt.

Burningman 2003 photos continued

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