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SDL video

SDL is the Simple DirectMedia Layer for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Isis provides an interface to some of the functionality of SDL, mainly for high-efficiency direct display of video, including hardware acceleration for full screen expansion of video windows. SDL is not available on the Digital/Compaq Unix version of Isis. More documentation will be added soon. Below is a summary of the available functions, which should be fairly self-explanatory. (sdl-init caption) # initialize SDL with caption name for window (sdl-quit) # close SDL (sdl-setup framesize fullscreen-flag hardware-flag doublebuf-flag) # setup the screen surface (returns a surface) (sdl-create framesize hardware-flag) # create and return new surface (sdl-free surface) # free a surface made with sdl-create (sdl-info surface) # surface info [ size steps addrs flags ] # from this you can make an isis image # that refers to the surface by doing: # (new-image c-byte 3 size steps (first 3 addrs)) (sdl-update surface) # mark screen surface to be drawn (sdl-flip surface) # swap buffers (when doublebuf turned on) (sdl-mustlock surface) # returns True if surface must be locked (sdl-lock surface) # lock surface (for hardware surfaces) (sdl-unlock surface) # unlock surface (for hardware surfaces) (sdl-blit src-surface dst-surface) # transfer source to destination (sdl-fill surface red green blue) # fill surface with a color (sdl-cursor show-cursor-flag) # turn cursor visibility on and off (sdl-mouse) # query mouse info, # returns [ [xpos ypos] lbutton mbutton rbutton ] (sdl-enable event-type) # enable this kind of event (sdl-ignore event-type) # disable this kind of event # event type constants: sdl-event-active # mouse or input focus gain/loss sdl-event-key-down # key press sdl-event-key-up # key release sdl-event-mouse-motion # mouse motion sdl-event-mouse-down # mouse button press sdl-event-mouse-up # mouse button release sdl-event-quit # quit signal was received sdl-event-resize # window resized (sdl-poll) # return next event, or Null if none pending (sdl-wait) # wait for and return next event, or Null if error # sdl-poll and sdl-wait will return one of these lists: [ sdl-event-active kind state ] # (see below) state is boolean [ sdl-event-key-down keysym unicode ] # keysym and unicode are integers [ sdl-event-key-up keysym unicode ] [ sdl-event-mouse-motion [xpos ypos] ] [ sdl-event-mouse-down buttonnum [xpos ypos]] [ sdl-event-mouse-up buttonnum [xpos ypos]] [ sdl-event-quit ] [ sdl-event-resize [xsize ysize]] # active event kind constants: sdl-active-mouse sdl-active-input sdl-active-app

Other: Needs SDL library