LazyFish sensor Isis software documentation

LazyFish sensor

This library defines a set of functions for communicating with the LazyFish electric field sensor.

LazyFish communication

(lazyfish-initialize device-name) # open device, return port (lzp) (lazyfish-read-all lzp) # read three channels (lazyfish-read-single lzp) # read single channel (lazyfish-test lzp) # read raw values (lazyfish-select-receiver lzp rcv) # select receiver (lazyfish-select-transmitter lzp trs) # select transmitter (lazyfish-set-parameters lzp y z) # set measurement parameters This library contains functions to access a LazyFish electric field sensor connected directly to a serial port on the computer. lazyfish-initialize opens a connection to the device (such as "/dev/tty00") and returns a port handle lzp to use in subsequent operations.

Calling the read commands returns measurements in a list of integers, or just a single integer in the case of lazyfish-read-single. You can set the measurement parameters by passing 2 integers to lazyfish-set-parameters.

See the LazyFish web site for more information on how the device works and what each of these commands do.

Here is an example:

(load "lazyfish.isis") (set lzp (lazyfish-initialize "/dev/tty00")) (lazyfish-set-parameters lzp 20 7) (while True (display (lazyfish-read-all lzp)))

Scripts: (load "lazyfish.isis")