Isis Projects

RAW / an audio/photographic tool for composing sonic flows surrounding visual moments

Habitat / a range of connected furniture for awareness of daily routines and rhythms between distant family members

Open Window / an ambient virtual window for bolstering wellness and healing potential during a hospital stay

Reflexion / a responsive virtual mirror for interpersonal communication

Palimpsest / a layered video manuscript of social interaction

Office Voodoo / an interactive sitcom controlled by voodoo dolls

Breakout for Two / an exertion interface for sports over a distance

Guinness Ghost Stories / a beer-driven interface to an interactive narrative experience

Tagliatelly / a tool for enriching personal objects with responsive media

Telemurals / an abstract audio-video link for encouraging sociable conversation between two distant spaces

Portrait of Cati / a portrait with a sense of its personal space

iCom / a multipoint awareness and communication portal for connecting remote social spaces

Hopstory / a wireless story distributed in space and time

TeleTV / a television displaced from its tuner by about 3000 miles

Photo Table / a remote photo sharing appliance for distributed communities

Viper / a tool for creating television programs that can re-edit themselves

Bruce / an music video television program that adapts to viewing habits and preferences

Demo Jukebox / an interactive kiosk with past and present Media Lab demo videos

Minerva / an interactive video recipe system for the kitchen of the future

LAFCam / a video annotation tool based on laughter detection

Impact TV / a television that changes channels when objects are thrown at it

The Birds / a flock of digital pigeons that respond to passers-by

Affective Learning Companion video annotation tool

Video Marble Track / a physical marble interface for editing movies

Synethesia / a signal processing experiment that translates visual scenes into musical compositions

Pl@tes / an interactive video plate spinning competition

Cabbage / a case-based reasoning tool for responsive graphic design

The Coding Auction / video coding via a mixture of experts

Aware Community Portals / a shared information appliance for a transitional space

Vision Television / a television that watches you watching it

An Interactive Dinner at Julia's / a hyperlinked video cooking show

HyperSoap / a hyperlinked video soap opera combined with home shopping

Reflection of Presence / a prototype video telepresence environment based on the metaphor of a mirror

Third and Indiana / a multilinear interactive documentary television prototype

Magic Windows / an interactive video installation in which spectator proximity influences story progression

Netspace / an experiment allowing many computers to act as one unified networked space

Peculiar Elevations / a peculiar art installation in an elevator

Dream Machine: CINEMAT / a magic carpet for orchestrating narrative streams of image and sound

Sashay/Sleep Depraved / a video character that responds to gesture-driven dream animations created by the viewer

Jayshree / an video performer who responds to the presence of passers-by

Cocktail / a prototype video conversation tracker modeled on a cocktail party

Wallpaper / an interactive narrative in which the viewer controls spatial and subjective point of view

The Museum / a prototype for a three-dimensional television program

Please send questions, corrections, or information about new projects or links to Stefan.