Installing scripts

In Isis, whenever you attempt to load a file that does not exist in your current directory, the interpreter will look for the file in the scripts folder of your Isis installation, typically in /usr/local/isis. You can put Isis definitions or entire programs in files in this folder to make them accessible from anywhere you want to run Isis or to make them available to others using Isis on your machine. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Organize your package into a single file if possible.

  2. Try to name variables so they will not overlap with other packages or the Isis primitives.

  3. Put comments in strategic places in case someone has to view or edit it later.

  4. At the top of each script file define a variable that will signify that the package has been loaded. For example:
    # This is the beginning of my wicked script package! (set wicked-library True) ...