Hi, I am Misha .

I am a graduate student in the Fluid Interfaces group at the MIT Media Lab. I work at the intersection of virtual reality, machine learning and computer vision exploring the design of novel ways to easily and automatically create 3D virtual environments. I am also very interested in the use of natural movement techniques and collaboration between geographically distributed users in VR. I enjoy doodling, taking photos and playing video games. I also enjoy glass blowing and kyudo.

I spent the summer of 2016 at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK and worked on the Hololens. In July 2016, I got the amazing opportunity to work aboard the research vessel Nautilus on an Open Ocean Science project with Don Blair and Dhruv Jain. We explored simplyfying the sharing of oceanographic data and designed technologies to facilitate research by citizen scientists. During 2014-2015, I was an RWJF Fellow with the Wellbeing Initiative at the Media Lab. You can contact me at "lastname" at media dot mit dot edu.

Ongoing Projects

Finished Projects