The Beatbugs are a network of eight hand-held percussion instruments that are designed to encourage people to play music together. Players can enter simple rhythmic motifs, manipulate and develop them, and collaborate with each other to perform and create music. In the composition “Nerve” by Gili Weinberg, players choose between manipulating existing motives and entering their own material. This creates an evolving musical system driven by the interaction between the player's choices and the system's stochastic algorithm.


Press: BBC radio (15 MB), Tech TV (11 MB), BBC Blue Peter (23 MB)

Berlin: workshop (6 MB), concert (8 MB)

Dublin: public workshop (5 MB), rehearsal (26 MB), demo concert (8 MB)

Glasgow: rehearsal (16 MB), public demonstration (7 MB), concert (19 MB)

Free play mode (6 MB) (from the video for the Smithsonian's "invention at play" exhibition)