What will be in Photoshop2028?

Photoshop=Premier/Maya/GoogleSketch/VR/AR (any multimedia manipulation plus multimedia printer)
Life experience records/DNA-Genome modeling/SecondLife predictions/
Designer babies (edit future beauty features)/ 
Editable-printable material at molecular structure (print ANY organic or inorganic material)
Not just designing skins for gadgets/CDs but skins for your body

Remember search is almost solved, GoogleEarthLive, UltimateMobileCam is already here in 2028
Plus InsideLive (hundreds of nano-cameras inside your body),
Due Tuesday at 5pm
Don’t react to existing technology, Influence!
** Comment on each others responses

(Think about who uses multimedia manipulation software today, and who will use it in the future)

What camera features will make user editing easy and fun? (segmentation/indexing/search)
(Very important: think about new camera technologies, e.g. camera that directly give you material index or depth or depth edges or illumination-reflectance separation)
What new visual media we will capture?
New UI (Minority Report/ Diamond Touch/Surface/Jeff Hahn/ ) New platforms (mobile phones?) (Mind-control)
Collaborative image editing (flickr2028)
Exploit multispectral data/programmed illumination/ Fantasy optics (lightfields)? live feed (TV), distant vision, 10x-performance, watermarking, geo-tagging
Instant ‘software update’ (Published SigSenses paper is new feature the moment it is published/refined by users)?

Will we all broadcast our own edited TV channel? (like our webpage)
Will ‘lighting’ become professional?
Video blogging, Citizen Journalism
Cloning and beautification of anything tangible

Impact on Society
Social networks, News, Commerce, Entertainment