How can we improve Mobile Photography?

Cameras, software and infrastructure?

Mobile Photography= cell phones/vehicle mounted/aerial/blimps

Focus more on the desired change in technology/algorithms/infrastructure rather than applications based on what is already available. We dont want to simply react to existing technology. We want to influence the next generation of applications. Imagine IMAGE-SEARCH is solved, imagine Installed-Camera infrastructure is available (or suggest more solutions to improve image-search/infrastructure)

What component of technology is currently poor and what needs to be improved? What parallel developments in sci-tech can be borrowed (negative index of refraction/3D cameras/gps/ID/)? What will the ultimating mobile imaging device look like (because it will be carried by humans, the way they will hold it/use it)?
Better illumination? Fantasy optics (flat)? Multispectral/thermal imaging, live feed (TV), distant/night vision, 10x-performance (a microscope in every phone), watermarking, geo-tagging

Video blogging, Citizen Journalism (Will CNN go bust), Augmented reality (overlay), home monitoring/maintenance (HVAC, structure), ‘leave-your-phone-behind-intentionally’, video-pedia (video wikipedia), shopping tele-buddy, instant product feedback (how fresh is the fish I am buying), Video-twitter, live mobile video conferencing
Is there a way classify the applications? (We will make an attempt, but suggest your taxonomy)
Emphasize on how we can develop new devices/software/infrast to fundamentally change these applications.

Social networks, Online dating, News, Commerce, Environment, Politics (e-voting on issues), Personal relationships, Agriculture, Positive/Negative influences (hope/hate/discrim) (trust between Kenyan rioters)
What are the parameters on the axis of exploration (e.g. Eugene talked about local/remote sync/async last week, or 'functional imaging' (how fresh is the fish))?

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HW Discussion Summary

-image quality (on par with standard cameras)
-new lens models
-portability compromises
--improved i/o from small devices
--projected interfaces/vr glasses
-expanding modalities (more than visual info)
--stereoscopic input/output
-blackout for privacy
-smart/auto mms / remote storage
-localized (rss) content return
-capture recently viewed event
-optical nerve graft (get human eye camera for free)

Functional Imaging - more functional
-Animal Imaging - new perspectives, unreachable (for humans) locations
-Content Aggregation
--crowd sourced views
--video-pedia (image indexed)
--good/bad drivers
-image search/identification
--gaze based

Social Imaging
-video diary/blog/twitter
--statistics based
-public space evaluation
-social watchdog - good behavior

Class Discussion Summary

questions for next week
ps 2028
- image search solved
- etc

- any multimedia manipulation tool
text audio video what's next?
whatever the next multimedia is, capture/edit it

new multimedia - whole worlds, sl
model future babies - upload parameters, genome
tools that capture materials - know nano structure
-- printers that can create structure
-- any material organic/inorganic can be captured, printed
-- designer materials for housing, electronics, self assembling furniture
-- video streams from body captured coin sized petabyte disk
---- perhaps used by doctors
-- break down in terms of tech, social impact
-- new ui? minority report? magic wand?
-- collaborative imaging, optics, illumination
-- instant software update of the future
---- instantly get software for new events
-- will lighting get professional?
-- video blogging
-- citizen journalism
-- cloning and beautification of tangible objects

get everything in on Tuesday by 5pm
-- will give others time to post comments
-- cross discussion - comment on each others responses

discuss cool ways to view new ml construction
-- fusion of ir, collaborative ui?

topic for survey paper by mar. 19
-- ideas for class
-- new ideas or from class
-- project or survey paper
-- 40% tech, 30% future 30% applications
-- individual paper, project team possible?
-- reqs. will be posted

Brandon's presentation - Beyond the visible spectrum
-- Thermal IR - not night vision
-- Tom's question - IR imaging invariant to day/night?
---- many applications looking at delta in temp
-- Fredo - IR sensitive film closer to visible domain (near IR) - thermal IR is much lower freq.
---- demos of near IR photos
-- Fredo - Sony night vision is IR (night shot)
---- red wine/coke/some clothing transparent in near IR
-- UV imaging
-- Millimeter wave imaging
---- lots of hype, not much info
-- Summary
---- adaptive environmental lighting - estimate lighting

Nokia Talk (I'm assuming that the slides will be available)