MAS 964 (H): Special Topics in Media Technology:
Camera Culture
Spring 2008

Class 3: What are the beneficial opportunities in pervasive recording of public spaces?

Pervasive public recording=GoogleEarthLive/Subscription cameras/surveillance

(We will avoid discussion on bigbrother/privacy for now because the debate gets religious and monotonic. We will instead focus on emerging technologies and applications.)

See thru fog, time-lapse processing, day-nite/season/multi-modal fusion, how to consume these images, how to merge with static/dynamic content, merge with static/dynamic cameras, support object recognition, refine GPS coords, crowdsourcing, metadata (video frame) tagging

Installed cameras on poles/blimps/life-cams
Society and Applications
Commerce (real-estate, restaurant reviews, remote maintenance), Environment (earthquake-early few-seconds-warning like opportunities by electronically transmitting info about the progressing front), Politics (protests), Social distrurabance (verification)

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