License plate from blurred photo taken with a 'Flutter Shutter Camera'

This example shows a potential application of our camera that flutteres the shutter open and closed in a carefully chosen binary sequence. The binary sequence has a broadband frequency response (similar to binary sequences used in astronomy and audio analysis). The fluttering preserves high spatial frequencies, improving invertibility and hence the corresponding deblurring becomes a well-posed problem.

Matlab Code

Complete Matlab Code and Images

Figure 1. Photo of a Speeding Car

Figure 2. Cutout

Did you think it is an Audi ?
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More about 'Flutter Shutter Camera'

Paper at Siggraph 2006:
Coded Exposure Photography: Motion Deblurring using Fluttered Shutter
Ramesh Raskar, Amit Agrawal, and Jack Tumblin

Also see our SIGGRAPH 2007 paper on coded aperture for out of focus deblurring and Light Field camera using masks