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Transmit over radio frequencies local (constant or changing) traffic info e.g. maximum speed limit: indicate it on user's speedometer so the driver knows just looking at the speed dial how s/he is doing wrt recommended speed. Upcoming lower speed zones or construction zones can be easily indicated with colored bars.

April, 1999

Why have display device size same has viewing area size (as is done with CRTs or LCD screens) ? Projector is a very small device that can create images larger than its size. Wearable computing is great but I am not sure if I would have something mounted right on my eyes if I am going to work for longer durations. How about carrying (folded/wearable) keyboard/processing power whichever way you want but for display carrying a small flashlight (like device) and a piece of paper on which you can project image ? The projectors are getting smaller and hopefully they will get as small as a pocket-flashlight.

December, 1998

Many people are scared of computers because they dont know what is going to happen if they press a particular key. Many programs pop-up bubble-help when a mouse is moved over a particular button, indicating what the button will do. It will be useful to extend that to keyboards. Before the user press any key, it will be useful to tell him/her what will happen if s/he presses the key. The information can be displayed as a bubble or at the bottom of the screen. This would involve using touch-sensitive keyboards. (The undo button discussed above can only reduce the anxiety.) This key-bubble-help can actually improve efficiency given how people like to use keyboard-shortcuts.

December 1999

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