Table-Top Spatially Augmented Reality Demo

The followings are images for a test Outside-Looking-In system. The architectures are white bricks and wooden/paper blocks with textures projected from two DLP projectors mounted on the ceiling. The textures are obtained from photographs and are warped into correct positions. The final two images shows the image projected by the two projectors. (Please check back again to see more images and movies)

Three different views of the simple physical model made up of white diffuse surfaces.
The physical model illuminated to create an
illusion of a tabletop with colorful objects.
The left image is projected by one projector.
the right image is projected by the second projector.

left.jpg (59573 bytes)

right.jpg (176216 bytes)

The actual images projected by first and second projector (Click to see the larger images). Notice the prewarping of textures.

When these pre-warped textures are projected on planar faces, they appear correctly painted on those physical models. This is only a demonstration prototype. In the final system, we plan to compute the 3D relationship between the physical model and the projectors. Then, we will use real-time pre-warping using advanced graphics techniques. This will allow not just 'painting' of textures on top of physical models but also displaying virtual 3D objects on those surfaces for a head-tracked user.We have experience with similar calibration and rendering problems in other display systems we have built. However, in this particular case, the issue of seamless projection with possibly non-contiguous projection overlaps makes the rendering task more complex. The paper describes a possible approach.

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