Research Summary

Ramesh Raskar

Light projector as the dual of a camera

A light projector is a 3D perspective projection device. However, traditionally, a light projector is treated like any other two-dimensional display device e.g. CRTs or LCDs to create flat and usually rectangular images. My work exploits the notion of projector as the dual of a camera. The analytical projection model along with geometric representation of the display surface provides a conceptual framework for all projector-based applications. This is a fundamentally different approach for classic common applications but has greater freedom and flexibility. In addition, it enables an interesting class of rendering and visualization methods. The conceptual framework has resulted in new research directions in Computer Vision and Image-based Rendering.


Non-photorealistic rendering

Features such as silhouette edges, ridges, valleys and intersections of geometric primitives are useful in technical illustrations and artistic effects. My approach has been real-time rendering of these features without requiring the connectivity information in polygonal scenes.


Image-Based Rendering

Using images as input, novel views can be generated by interpolating (or extrapolating) spatially or temporally.



I have been interested in exploiting the visibility coherence to improve rendering speeds. The fact that view volume as well as the set of triangles visible in that volume change slowly can be used to reduce the size of potentially visible triangles for successive frames by  a large factor.


Virtual Reality

I have contributed some new ideas in augmented reality. When the augmentation is performed in world space (e.g. virtual objects registered with static real objects), it is efficient to render using world-coordinate system instead of using the traditional HMD-based user-centric coordinate system.


Depth Extraction

Using active structured light : I developed a real-time depth extraction system (3 fps) using active structured light. It was also used to visualize insides of a dummy patient using see-thru head-mounted display.

Passive stereo :

Web Visualization

I have been collaborating with several researchers to develop techniques to improve the web surfing experience by visually representing the activity of other visitors.

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