Tracked Illumination Examples

Dynamic Spatially Augmented 3D Painting, Paper in PDF

On this page we show pictures from two experiments.

The top three rows show pictures of a 3D painting system: users 'painting' on a white cuboid. The 'paintbrush' as well as the cuboid are tracked using an active optical tracking system. The system updates the displayed images as the user moves the paintbrush or the cuboid. The cuboid and the paintbrush are lit by two ceiling mounted projectors and the displayed images remain registered with the surface of the cuboid and the paintbrush. We would like to extend this to a more complex object and solve the feathering problem in real time. Currently, the tracker latency, approximately 200 ms,  results in dynamic mis-registration of displayed images. The tethered tracking system and user's shadows limits the interaction.

In the following two rows, we show pictures of another illumination system where the cuboid is kept on a rotating lazy susan. The rotation is tracked using a simple encoder under the wheel and the displayed images are updated to align with the face of the cuboids. This system has much reduced latency, about 1 frame delay, due to the fast encoder updates on the serial bus to the rendering program. The results of interaction are impressive because the images appear perfectly 'painted' on top of the cuboid surface.