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(October 24, 2002, Japan)
CEATEC Successful Despite Typhoon

MitsubishiElectric Booth in CEATECA typhoon put a slight damper on this year's opening day of CEATEC, Asia's largest technology exhibition (October 1-4, 2002, Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan). The weather did not stop Mitsubishi Electric from enjoying high booth visitor numbers during the 4 day long event however.

"Broadband" and "Security" were among this year's technological themes at their booth. Mr. Tamotsu Nomakuchi, president and CEO of Mitsubishi Electric in his keynote speech titled "Actualizing a Secure Network Society - Tomorrow's Challenge", emphasized the company's leading world-class technologies such as MPEG, an information security encryption called "MISTY", and various audio-visual communications which are being displayed.

The displays which seemed to capture the most interest among visitors were the new "wearable display" device demonstrations (smart, bionic "eyeglasses") along with a projector technology with which clear and crisp imagery can be projected onto non-flat surfaces, something never before possible.

"Hey, there's a Mitsubishi Electric chip in here!" was the theme for the semiconductor corner, demonstrating in layman's terms how many products actively used in people's daily lives, such as communications, cars and digital devices contain their chips.

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