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Table of Contents

Software Agents


Agent Visionaries

Video Knowledge Navigator

What is an Agent?

Common Issues Studied

Types of Agents

What is a Software Agent?

How is an Agent different from other Software?

Why do we need Software Agents?

Why do we need Software Agents?

Direct Manipulation

Indirect Management/Agents

Criticisms of Software Agents (Lanier, Schneiderman)

Software Agent =? Expert System

Agents vs Expert Systems (cont.)

Types of Software Agents

Types of Software Agents

Types of Software Agents (cont.)

User-Programmed Agents

Nature of “Intelligence” (cont.)

Knowledge-Based Agents

Nature of “Intelligence” (cont.)

Learning from the User

Learning from other Agents

Example: Email Agent

Second Example: News Agent

Real example of User-Programmed Agent: OVAL (Malone, MIT Sloan)

OVAL (cont.)

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Other examples of User Programmed Agents

Real Example of Knowledge-BasedAgent: CHORIS (Tyler & Sullivan, Lockheed)

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Other examples of Knowledge Based Agents

Real Examples of Learning Agent: Maxims (MIT Media Lab)

Maxims Learning Agent (cont)

Learning from Peers: Peer-Peer model

Other examples of Learning Agents

Pros/Cons of Approaches

Pros/Cons of Approaches

Pros/Cons of Approaches

Which approach is best?

Types of Software Agents

Location of Agents

Location of Agents (cont.)

Mobility of Agents

Mobility of Agents (cont.)


Technical challenges

Software Agent <-> Application

Technical Challenges

Interface Agent <-> Other Agent

Common Language, Common Ontology

Negotiation & Commitment methods

Modeling other Agents

Authentication & Identification

Technical challenges

Interface Agent <-> User

Issue 1: Understanding

Issue 1: Understanding

Issue 2: Control

Issue 2: Control

Issue 3: Distraction

Issue 3: Distraction

Issue 4: Ease of Use

Issue 4: Ease of Use

Issue 5: Personification

Video: Persona Project (Microsoft)

Issue 5: Personification

Personified Agents Research

Roles for Software Agents

Agents as Eager Assistants

Eager (Cypher)

Video Eager

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Video Meeting Scheduler (MIT Media Lab)

Maxims Email Agent (MIT Media Lab)

Eager Assistant Agent (cont.)

Details of one Example

Prediction & Confidence Level Computation

Using the Prediction

Multi-agent Collaboration

Agent Interface


Video Maxims

Does it work? Results:

Discussion (cont.)

Video Schlimmer’s Note Taking Agents

Eager Assistants: Dimensions

Agents as Guides

Video Guides (Apple)

Letizia (Lieberman)

Video Letizia (Lieberman)

Feature-Based Filtering: Analyzing Documents for Relevant Keywords

Feature-Based Filtering: Updating User Profile Based on one More Datapoint Document

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Feature-Based Filtering: Filtering Based on User Profile

Agents as Memory Aids

Remembrance Agent (Rhodes/Starner)

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Remembrance Agent URL

MIT Media Lab Wearables Group

Agents as Filters/Critics

Video NewsTaylor

Technology Underlying Critics: Feature-based Filtering (FBF)

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PPT Slide

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Demo Firefly and Webhound

Complementary Technology Underlying Critics: Automated Collaborative Filtering (ACF)

ACF - Predicting a Rating

Collaborative vs Feature based

Comparison (cont.)

Some other Neat Features

Neat Features (cont.)

Other quantitative Results

Neat Features (cont.)

Neat Features (cont.)

Quantitative Results – Base case Algorithm:

Quantitative Results – HOMR/Ringo:

Agents as Matchmakers

Yenta (Foner)

Yenta applications

Yenta Methods

Yenta Algorithm

Agents for Buying/Selling

PPT Slide

PPT Slide

Bargain Finder demo

PPT Slide

PPT Slide

Fido shopping Doggie Demo

Kasbah (Chavez)

Kasbah (Chavez)

Kasbah Example

The Future of Agent Technology

Future Direction: Markets for Agents

Future Direction: Ecologies of Agents

Implications of Software Agents

Benefits to Consumer

Benefits to Marketers/Producers

Speculations: Effects of Agents on Markets

Open Questions

Further References

Author: Pattie Maes


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