Paris' Independent Component Analysis & Blind Source Separation page

Independent Component Analysis (ICA) and Blind Source Separation (BSS) have received quite a lot of attention lately so that I decided to compile a list of online resources for whoever is interested. By no means is this page complete and if you have any additions do send me mail at paris at media dot mit dot edu. In the papers section I do not list all of the papers of every author (that's why you should check their homepages) but the really good ones are here. Also not all ICA & BSS people have home pages so if you discover any or if I missed yours tell me about it and I'll add them. Also note that this is a pretty ancient page, so expect many links to not work!

People working on ICA & BSS

Other ICA Pages


Code and Software ...

Online Demos of BSS

Online Papers on ICA & BSS

(since I don't really sit around all day playing with this page, there some links that are extinct by now. Rather than giving up, check out the home page of the corresponding author in the top of the page. You are most likely to find their papers there. You are also most likely to find their newer papers there too).
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