Hi, I'm Noah Vawter, Research Assistant at the MIT Media Lab, working with Chris Csikszentmihalyi and the rest of the Computing Culture Group.
Currently blogging at: Winter Sun

Currently selling audio sculpture at: synthshopping.com

Ph.D. Projects

Exertion Instruments - Proposal

Exertion Instruments CAD Archive - all CAD Drawings for project, in .PDF, .PNG, .DXF, .EPS, CorelDraw


Research Reports


Demo Videos



PyMicro - Running Python on Microcontrollers

Research Report

Python for the Atmega644

The Lithium Report - How make circuits for rechargeable batteries

Notes for synthesizing sound in python for Other Product class 3/5/2007

Laser Cutter Settings for cloth and stickers


Don't Walk - Fly!

The New Number Six - Embedded Microcontroller for Starving Artists

USB6 - USB version of the popular artist microcontroller "Number6"

Labels to Increase your Development

Power Your Number Six Board from USB

How to connect a USBSerial adaptor to Number Six

Audio Board for Number 6 - Make Guitar Effects

Chalk Roach - Brechtian Microcontroller

ITRI Fellows Wiki

noah at the controls


Engineer and musician Noah Vawter is best known for inventing Ambient Addition, the 1-bit groovebox, PSPKick and combyop synthesis. In each of these musical instruments, he combines math and design ideas to illuminate the situation around music, encouraging the democratic notions of freedom and cooperation. He is currently a Ph. D. candidate studying with the Computing Culture Research Group at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

When not doing that, Noah relaxes by eating brunch, swimming, sailing and bicycling.

Master's Projects

Ambient Addition (Master's Thesis)
Sonic Authority
Solar Vehicle Town Design
Religious Speech Sensor
Smooth Ride
Rachel Corrie Memorial
Google Maps Hack (large maps)
The 1-Bit Groove Box
Rhythm Classification
Web Synths
Ideal PowerBook EQ Settings
Upper Air
Synth From Nothin'
Pre-MIT Portfolio

Pix, Music and Fun

Snackmaster my computer music outfit

Snackmaster: The During Math The last full album I recorded

Caleb Neelon's extremely assymetrical face

Pictures from the Second Annual Circuit Bending Festival at the Tank in NYC  

Wired magazine article about it which mentions me

PSPKick Drum machine for Sony PSP written by Nate Wray and I

Cult Music


World Webcams (not usually enabled)

blog @ Indenti.ca random blog notes