"The current crises in the Middle East:

What can we do?"

Chomsky Lecture: Webcast (2 hrs 38 mins) and Transcripts, Dec. 14, 2000
Note: The archived realvideo webcast has been restored now - Nov 2, 3003.

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A lecture by MIT Professor Noam Chomsky

World-renowned linguist, scholar and political analyst

Thursday, December 14th, 2000

4:00-6:00 PM EST

Kresge Auditorium

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Lecture Abstract

The Middle East has been a prime policy concern for the US for half a century, and throughout this period, the US has had a major impact on developments there. Current crises are many and ominous. Of particular significance are those concerning Israel-Palestine. Here the US role has been, and will continue to be, decisive in shaping the course of events. Of all the complex factors involved, this is the one that we can directly influence. To face the responsibilities and opportunities constructively it is crucial to understand what US policies have been and what they are today. The human consequences of action, or inaction, are likely to be very great.

Broadcast and Webcast

This lecture was video-taped and broadcast on MIT-Cable as well as webcast live from MIT on the Internet to audiences everywhere. The broadcast was scheduled from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) on December 14th, but continued upto 6:45 PM. Please follow the link below to access the archived digital video stream (made available on Jan. 4th, 2001).

RealMedia Webcast of Chomsky Lecture (Duration: 2 hours, 38 mins)

Chomsky Lecture Program (and transcripts)

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A special thanks to Angie D'Urso for volunteering to painstakingly transcribe the entire lecture event.

About Noam Chomsky

On the Middle East Crises

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Lecture Sponsored by (and primary contacts)

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Note: This lecture was organized by these groups as part of a series of ongoing events including discussions, lectures, exhibits and silent protests in the Boston/Cambridge area to help raise wider awareness of the middle-east crisis. Although we are pleased to host Prof. Chomsky's lecture, we in no way endorse his specific views on the subject. We recognize that better understanding of the complex issues around the middle-east crisis, can only be understood through multiple perspectives, ongoing debates and lectures.


This event was a completely student organized activity at MIT. No funding has been provided by any MIT departments. To make the event accessible to a broader audience, we have requested MIT to provide AV production, cable broadcasting and webcasting services. To cover these expenses and ensure support for future such events, we are requesting individuals to make personal contributions for this lecture. All additional funds will be donated towards medical relief to Palestinian hospitals. To send a contribution please contact Neeta Misra at MIT, neeta@mit.edu


Thanks to Dina Katabi for putting together the publicity material.

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