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Nitin Sawhney
--- Research and Interests ---

Director, Commercialization of Research: Cytel, Inc.
Analytic Solutions for BioPharma

Founded Startup: Akaza Research, Inc.
Open Informatics for Public Research (2003-2005)

Cooperative Innovation in the Commons
Dissertation Research and Papers (2001-2003)

Research Interests and Publications (Feb 2003)

Nitin's CV 2006


--- Media Lab Projects ---

ThinkCycle: Open Collaborative Design

Aware Community Portals

Nomadic Radio: Wearable Audio Computing

More Research Projects ...


--- Recent Events Organized ---

development by design 2002
2nd International Conference on
Open Collaborative Design for Sustainable Innovation
December 1-2, Bangalore, India.

Design that Matters: Global Design Network
MIT Design Studio, Spring 2003

development by design
International Workshop at MIT, July 2001

Noam Chomsky on the Crises in the Middle East
MIT Lecture, Dec 14, 2000: Archived Webcast


--- Writings, Inspirations and Provocations ---

Distributed Cooperation and Property Rights in the Commons

Bayesian Modeling of Development Indicators

Understanding Ethics in Development

Ethnographic Study of Domestic Communication Patterns

Ph.D. Generals Readings & Research

My thoughts on Nomadic Computing Lifestyles

Bruce Sterling's Manifesto for the next Millennium


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