New Exhibit: Natures Toolbox

Talk @ Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Oxman to talk at RPI
Wednesday, February 20th, 2013
Title: Towards a Material Ecology

Design Across Scales @ MIT

New Spring Course Offering at MIT

Prof. Neri Oxman / Prof. Meejin Yoon

Inspired by Charles and Ray Eames’ canonical “Powers of Ten”, the course explores the relationship between science and engineering through the lens of Design. It examines how transformations in science and technology have influenced design thinking and vice versa. It offers interdisciplinary tools and methods to represent, model, design and fabricate objects, machines, and systems. Structured as core lectures and lab sessions, the course is organized by “systems” : Design of Information, Design of Fabrication, Design of Intelligence, Design of Play, Design of Organization and Design of Innovation. World-renowned designers, scientists and engineers will contribute with guest lectures. We will design things – material and immaterial; we will learn new computational and fabrication tools along the way; we will develop methodologies for design research of interdisciplinary problems; we will practice what it means to think, live, and breathe Design.

(2-2-8) R 10-12 in E14-493; Rec. M 7-9pm in E14-493 
NOTE: First class on Thursday, February 7th, 10-12, E14-244

3D Printed Dress @ Iris Van Herpen Paris Fashion Show

A 3-D printed dress was debuted in the Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013 as part of collaboration with fashion designer Iris Van Herpen for her show "Voltage". The 3D printed skirt and cape were produced using Stratasys’ unique Objet Connex multi-material 3D printing technology, which allows a variety of material properties to be printed in a single build. This allowed both hard and soft materials to be incorporated within the design, crucial to the movement and texture of the piece. 

Core contributors
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT
Artist and Designer, NY
Fabrication: Connex, Stratasis

Above: photos from Paris Fashion Week, "Voltage" by Iris Van Herpen, Spring Collection, 2013

Above: early prints of cape. Photo: Yoram Reshef for Stratasis.

Above: unfolded cape and skirt patterns. Diagrams and mappings: W. Craig Carter and Keren Oxman. Photo: Yoram Reshef for Stratasis.

IoA Sliver Lecture

CNN Next List

Neri Oxman @ The NEXT LIST on CNN
Airing Sunday, December 9, 2pm EST

On Bones and Silk @ Mediated Matter

On Printing Clothing

Image source: Imaginary Beings, Pompidou, 2012
In collaboration with Uformia, Prof. W. Craig Carter (MIT) and Joe Hicklin (The Mathworks). Fabrication: Objet, Ltd. 
Photo: Yoram Reshef 

Innovation IdeaLab talk @ WGBH

Imaginary Beings @ WIRED

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