Ferro Tale
Electromagnetic Animation Interface

In this video we demonstrate the idea and the prototype of an electromagnetic animation interface, ferro tale. Ferromagnetic particles, such as iron filings, have very fascinating characteristics. Therefore they are widely used in art, education and as toys. Besides their potential to enable visual and tactile feedback and to be used as a medium for high resolution tangible input, people's natural desire to engage and explore the behavior of this material makes them interesting for HCI. Inspired by the expressiveness of sand drawing, we want to explore ways to use an electromagnetic array, camera feedback, computer vision, and ferromagnetic particles to produce animations. The currently used magnetic actuation device consists of a 3 by 3 coil array. Even with such a small number of actuators, we are able demonstrate several animation examples.


Ferro tale: electromagnetic animation interface , CHI'12 May 5-10, 2012

in collaboration with Cao Xiang and Jaturont Jamigranont,

Research Group: HCI group at Microsoft Research Asia