Mitchel Resnick

McGraw Prize video about my research (September 2011)

TED talk: "Let's Teach Kids to Code" (November 2012)

Brainwaves video: Lifelong Kindergarten (November 2014)

LEGO-MIT 30th Anniversary Video (October 2015)

SeriousScience: "Rethinking Learning in the Digital Age" (March 2014)

Daylong Learning, LEGO Idea Conference (April 2016)

Learning without Frontiers (January 2012)

Google Science Fair (March 2011)

Conversation with Kathy Hirsh-Pasek at LEGO IDEA conference (April 2014)

Overview of research in Lifelong Kindergarten research group (October 2011)

EdMedia conference: screencast + audio (June 2013)

MacArthur Foundation (May 2010)

McGraw Prize acceptance speech (September 2011)

McGraw Innovation in Education conference (September 2011)

Building Learning Communities conference (July 2010)

NBC News Education Nation panel discussion (September 2012)

Interview with WISELearners Voice (January 2012)

MIT Enterprise Forum (January 2009)

Google (October 2006)


Scratch@MIT conference (August 2010)

Mitchel Resnick
MIT Media Lab, Room E14-445A
75 Amherst Street
Cambridge, MA

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