AgoraPhone is a free, uncensored, and easily accessed communication place. The word agora is a Greek word referring to an open air gathering place where citizens come together to discuss critical, as well as not so critical, issues.

Combining increasingly popular mediated communication allowances with old school public interaction, the first installation of AgoraPhone consists of a phone number that can be dialed from anywhere, and a communication sculpture installed as an element of urban architecture. From any touch-tone phone anywhere, people can call AgoraPhone's number and be connected to the public place.

Is there something you have been aching to express or discuss, but for one reason or another have not yet found a way to feel comfortable doing so? Dial AgoraPhone! Upon calling, but before being connected directly through to the public, you will be greeted by a recorded voice giving a few details about AgoraPhone and tips on how to use the features. AgoraPhone preserves anonymity in that it performs no caller ID and records no logs. There is even the option of voice masking so that no one can recognize you. You can try on your voice before anyone else can hear you, to make sure you are happy with it. Whenever you are ready, the connection through to the public space is made by pressing the # key on the phone you are calling from. A full duplex audio link is then opened between you and the people and happenings in the remote public site of the AgoraPhone sculpture.

NOTE: This project is currently offline. AgoraPhone was last installed on the campus of MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Watch here for information about future installations.

© 2002 Kelly Dobson