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The goal of the Metazine is to provide a jumping-off point for research into the magazine of the future. We have developed an application for Internet tablets to supplement and enhance the content of paper magazines with digital content in a way that preserves the flexibility and robustness of the tried-and-true paper format. The Metazine follows coded links placed near articles and advertisements in a magazine to seamlessly deliver digital video or images on demand.

The metazine runs on the Nokia N800 internet tablet, and makes use of the zebra library for its barcode reading algorithms.

Update: This project is no longer under active development.


Tagged Time Magazine
Cover of an issue of May, 2007 Time Magazine modified for use with the Metazine

Olympus Ad
Olympus Ad, with Metazine Tag

Seth Rogan Article
Interview with actor Seth Rogan, about movie Knocked Up with Metazine Tag

Kia Ad
Ad for Kia car, with Metazine Tag

Metazine on N800
Image of n800 running Metazine

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