Artisanal Electronics

A thesis on digital fabrication and electronic products

What is it I’m trying to do?

This thesis addresses the lack of diversity in consumer electronic products. In contrast to the variation found in furniture, clothing, and other areas, most electronics use similar materials, aesthetics, production processes, and business models. In particular, the cases or enclosures for electronic devices tend be made from molded plastic, a process which has high up-front [...]

Dematerializing Modularity: replacing physical building blocks with software tools.

Listening to Peter Schmitt’s PhD proposal presentation, I was struck by what seems to be a general trend in construction kits: replacing physical building blocks with software tools. Peter is interested in the construction of kinetic objects: replacing today’s hobby servos with more flexible processes. I’d like to help people design consumer electronic products from [...]


Chronicling the master's thesis of David A. Mellis, a student in the High-Low Tech group at the MIT Media Lab.


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