Artisanal Electronics

A thesis on digital fabrication and electronic products

Fab Speakers finished and plans available.

The Fab Speakers (which still need a better name) are now online. You can see a completed pair above and the website contains all the files needed to make your own. I hope to do a workshop in which novices to electronics and fabrication can build their own pair of speakers. The simplicity of the [...]

Fab Speakers prototyping

I’m the process of prototyping speakers made in a similar way to the Fab FM. I’m hoping that they end up being both cheaper and more useful. Above is an image of a laser-cut cardboard structure. Here’s a schematic that I’m going to test out for the amplification circuit, based on the TPA301 or TPA701 [...]


Chronicling the master's thesis of David A. Mellis, a student in the High-Low Tech group at the MIT Media Lab.


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