Computation from inside to outside.
2013.11.7 Talk at Tokyo Designers' Week :"Micro Meso Macro, Design Going Back to Nature"

2013.10.10 PneUI got double awards: ACM UIST 2013 Best Paper Award & Best Demo Honorable Mention.

2013.06.27 Talk at Aspen Idea Festival: "Going back to a Programmable Nature".

2013.07.20 Presentation at Spatial User Interface Conference: "FocalSpace: Diminished Reality".

Real or Fake? Diminish or Augment? Computainal Displays give people new perception of real life.
I believe one of the biggest contribution that the Interacive technology can make is to add fun to real life. Though design, rather than duplicating what can be done in physical world into the virtual world, we can create experience that never existed before.
My interests of digital fabrication starts from MIT course MAS863: "How to Make Almost Anything". I documented all the assignments for each week down here. MAS863 was taught by Neil Gershfiled, the director of Center of Bits and Atom, together with over 10 teaching assisstant, and over 10 technical guest speakers cross the term. It's a class to teach you nearlly all kinds of fabrication tools, it's a class to show you how to use, hack, design and make friends with machines, it's a class to tell you what MIT course means by consuming 24 hours a day, it's a class you will never forget.

Some userful links: Tools List at CBA FabLab; FabLab Inventory for all electronical parts being used in the class; tutorials on machine control and fab skills; fabModule writtern by Neil to control various machines(laser cutter, ronald modela, shopbot, etc); fabClass documentation page.
Quiting from Medical School and starting a new design major, I spent years to learn the basic design skills and design thinking in my early college years. I chose 7 from countless works, show some of my experience in industrial/graphic/concept design. I was fasinated by attending various Design Concept competition for a while, including iF and reddot. The tools I used range from 3D software, web editing, graphic design software, to video editing.