The Dallas Morning News
Tuesday, November 7, 2000

Retailers happy to provide a merry luxurious Christmas

By Elise Anthony / The Dallas Morning News

While thumbing through the annual Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, it's easy to fantasize about owning something stupendously luxurious.

The smooth gleam of silver, the beauty of richly hued glass sparkling in the candlelight, the twinkling magic of a decorated house these are gifts with lasting beauty.

Yes, Halloween is just around the corner and Thanksgiving is more than a month away. But catalogs are already piling up on the coffee table and local stores are already filling seasonal aisles with holiday cheer.

Just imagine you had some spare cash (well, perhaps a large amount of cash for some of us) and the mortgage and bills were paid for the month of December.

If you could spend several thousand dollars on a gift for the home, what would you choose? Just in case you win the lottery, we rounded up a few gift ideas worth fantasizing about.


Drink up

Here's an intoxicating bubble-bath idea:'s floating champagne flute keeps bubbly cool even when things get steamy.

Glassworker Walter Lieberman was tired of having nowhere to put his glass while sipping champagne in the tub so he and James Mongrain used Venetian techniques to develop a one-piece handblown glass that floats.

Made upon order, the flutes are designed to float in bathtubs, pools and hot tubs. They are available in six colorful styles, including Deauville with an orange flute, clear optic float and crimson stem as shown, $1,200.

Alas, the champagne is not included. See or call 1-877-344-8453.