Examples of Programming by Example

The best way to understand Programming by Example is by example! In this page, we've collected some demonstrations of Programming by Example systems. Most are in the QuickTime movie format. [Be warned: some of these are large files.] If you have a demonstration you'd like included, please contribute!

Allen Cypher and David Canfield Smith

Downloadable software and demos of Cocoa, a simulation programming enivronment for kids

Quicktime movie of Eager, a PBE system for Hypercard.

A Hypercard simulation of Pygmalion, David Canfield Smith's pioneering PBE system.

Henry Lieberman

A Quicktime movie demo of Grammex, a system for defining text recognition grammars by example

A Quicktime movie demo of Mondrian, a graphical editor that is programmable by example [3 MB]

A Quicktime movie demo of PBE from video [7 MB]

A Quicktime movie demo [4.5 MB] of Tinker, a Programming by Example system for Lisp.

Jeff Schlimmer

A Quicktime movie demo of DynaForm predictive form filling [1 MB]

A Quicktime movie demo of RoboFormat spreadsheet cell formatting [3 MB]

Note: these files must be translated using binhex

Alexander Repenning and Corrina Perrone

SimCity in 10 Minutes, a demonstration of end-user programming in AgentSheets.

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