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Spinning the Semantic Web:
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Your Wish is My Command:
Programming by Example

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Henry Lieberman
MIT CSAIL and Media Laboratory
(+1-617) 500-5267

Hi, I'm Henry Lieberman. I'm a Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL); and a Visiting Scientist at the MIT Media Laboratory. I'm especially interested in using Artificial Intelligence techniques to improve all kinds of user interfaces. Much of my work is centered on the use of Common Sense knowledge, simple facts about people and everyday life. I also work on bringing the full procedural power of computers to non-expert users through Programming by Example, natural language and visual programming. I'm also interested in a wide variety of other topics in AI and interactive computing.

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  • A short biography. Here's my full CV.

  • A list of my publications.
  • Descriptions and curriculum materials for courses I've taught at MIT.
  • Here are some press articles concerning my work, from The Atlantic, CNN, the Discovery Channel, the Boston Globe, and Investor's Business Daily.
  • I was a co-chair, with Cindy Mason, of one of the first events about AI and the Environment, a workshop that took place at the IJCAI Conference in 1995. We recently posted the proceedings.
  • Seen the Spielberg AI movie? It's interesting how it depicts robots with emotions, and you might want to see the page on Emotional Machines by my friend Cindy Mason
  • I'm a Virtual Visiting Fellow of the Knowledge Media Institute of The Open University (UK). You can hear an interview with me that was broadcast live on the web.
  • My brother, Walt Lieberman, is a glass artist. Here are some of his glass paintings and glass sculpture.

  • lieber@media.mit.edu