Kwan @ Media

"Mobile Social Behaviors"

How's mobility changing our behaviors?

Where we need, what we need, when we need, who we need

Mobile phones know where we are, but they do not have any idea about what we need, when we need it and who we need.
My passion is to experiment and gain a better understanding of choices we make through mobile devices.



We are conducting research on the future of credit card and payments. We are attempting to reinvent the payment process through mobile devices by providing users wth the tools that help reflect on your finances and your eating habits.

Digital Menu

We are conducting research on how people make choices in the restaurant and trying to understand the limitations of personal digital menu.

Encounter @ Media

Media Lab is full of ideas, research groups and people with those ideas. Because of the diversity of the lab it is difficult to navigate. Encounter provides a mobile interface that one can use in conjunction with the Glass Infrastructure to help navigate the lab.


How can we allow friends and people with experience to make recommendations to us in just in time manner?

Open Transaction Network

Open transactions allow people to share their experiences regarding their financial transactions and inform each other on the go.