Augmented Reality Kitchen (movie)

Jackie Lee, Leonardo Bonanni, Ted Selker
Last updated on December 15, 2006

"Kitchen of the Future" on Discovery Channel

The real world is not a computer screen. When can augmented reality and ambient interfaces improve the usability of a physical environment? We presents data from design studies and experiments that demonstrate the value for ambient information and augmented reality design. The domestic kitchen is used as a domain to place smart technologies and to study visual attention, multi-tasking, food-preparation and disruptiveness.

Food is the most important thing to our daily life. Preparing, cooking, sharing, storage and playing food has its social and technoligical culture. Design and Artifical Intelligence approaches were taken to re-creating the food environment. Re-designing the kitchen and re-defining its components provides alternatives of life styles. Adding machine intelligence to these activities can enhance the processes of human-to-human communication and human-machine operations.


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