About Me


I work on the OMCS project, giving computers common sense and coming up with algorithms that make use of that common sense. I organize the Common Sense Computing Initiative and am a Research Scientist at MIT.
Email: havasi at media dot mit dot edu


Research Interests

Common sense reasoning, dimensionality reduction, natural language processing, storytelling, games with a purpose, computers and theater, machine learning, language acquisition, cognitive modeling, intelligent user interfaces, cognitive architectures, learning and memory, AI in education, interfaces for encouraging creativity, and game design



I co-founded an educational non-profit called Learning Unlimited. Inspiring others to teaching and learning is a great experience.

Last year, I co-taught Common Sense for Intelligent User Interfaces at MIT and Algorithms for Computational Linguistics at Brandeis while finishing my dissertation.

I have TAed for:
At Brandeis: Artificial Intelligence, Topics in Computational Cognitive Science,Theory of Computation, and the Internet and Society
At MIT: Natural Language Processing
In addition, I do volunteer outreach teaching with the Educational Studies Program, Mathcamp, and other outreach programs.


Personal Interests

I'm interested in hiking and nature, travel, theater, tea, politics, board and card games, teaching, and cooking. I enjoy solving and writing puzzles and am part of the Manic Sages mystery hunt team.

In the past I have been part of many theater productions in a directing, producing, or design capacity, most recently working "backstage" at Punchdrunk's Boston production of Sleep No More. For other work I've done, searching Google will find you more examples than these.