I recently completed my PhD in the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT Media Lab. My work explores the intersection of music, play and improvisation. I have a background in neuroscience, music, and education. Check out some of my projects, below. Email me: ericr@media.mit.edu
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MaKey MaKey
An Invention Kit for Everyone! Have you ever played Mario on Play-Doh or Piano on Bananas? Alligator clip the Internet to Your World, and start inventing The Future.
Construct musical instruments and compositions on the iPad.
Musical Paintings
Touch the painting to play melodies and chords. it's like a painted instrument, or a playable score.
Musical Gears
A construction kit for creating rhythmic patterns using gear ratios.
Music as Material
A five day workshop in the Netherlands focused on creating musical instruments by connecting physical materials to digital sounds.
Now Now Now
An interactive video piece that creates temporal echoes. The present is overlaid on layers of the past at time intervals from seconds to weeks.
Radical Design for Learning
An MIT course I co-taught with Jay Silver in spring 2011.
Singing Fingers
Fingerpaint with sound! Free app for iPad and iPhone.
Tetrahedral Monkeys
A new twist on a classic toy.
Musical Live-Coding
Live performance of programming to generate music, using an extended version of Scratch.
Program the Arduino electronics platform using graphical blocks
Lego Gift
A gift for LEGO executives commemorating the 25 year collaboration with MIT
Drawdio lets you build a musical instrument out of anything! I collaborate with Jay Silver on this project.
Programming with Color
Program using the colors of everyday objects.
My Master's thesis project on reflective learning in the Scratch programming environment.
Free Software for painting with light, and sharing your painting on the web.
Motion Clock, Stillness Clock
An award-winning art piece, exploring the perception of time in motion and in stillness. In collaboration with Seth Hunter.
Beetle Blocks
A Scratch-like graphical programming language for generating 3D forms.
Scratch for Second Life
An easier way to program in Second Life: just snap together blocks to create behaviors.
Lego Sequencer
Snap together bricks to make a melody.
Playful musical looping software
Self Assembly Toy
A kit of parts that spontaneously form larger shapes
Shake and Play
New building blocks for young children to explore motion, sound and light
3D L-System Explorer
Play with algorithmically generated 3D forms in real time
Simple graphical neural network simulator
The old ericrosenbaum.com
My original site, with a bouncy-ball menu interface, last updated in 2004