Robot image courtesy of FlySi on Flickr, made available under the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 license.   

AAAI 2010

Learning by Demonstration Challenge

The 2010 AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence will be hosting the second annual exhibit and challenge on robot Learning by Demonstration (LbD)The purpose of this event is to bring together research and commercial groups to demonstrate complete platforms performing LbD tasks.  Our long-term aim is to define increasingly challenging experiments for future LbD events and greater scientific understanding of the area.

We welcome contributions that demonstrate physically embodied robots learning a task or skill from a human teacher.  This year’s LbD Challenge will consist of two components:

  1. 1)Individual demonstrations using live hardware and/or short video presentations showcasing Learning by Demonstration abilities.  Participants will be able to demonstrate their own unique demo highlighting the abilities of their robot.

  1. 2)Challenge event (optional) in which all participants will perform an object relocation task that involves teaching the robot to move an object from one place to another.  Each participating team will be provided with sample objects for practice in the weeks before the event.  Due to differences in embodiment and learning algorithms, we expect to see a wide variety of approaches for performing the target behavior.  A video showcasing the results will be compiled by the event organizers.


The LbD Challenge will be held July 11-15, 2010 as part of the AAAI Robotics Exhibition and Workshop.


Those interested in contributing should submit a 1-2 page proposal, by March 1, 2010, containing the following information:


  1. the names and affiliation of the exhibitors

  2.  summary of objectives and methods of the underlying research

  3.  description of the LbD demonstration

  4. statement of intent of participation in the organized challenge

  5.  citations to relevant or supporting papers

  6. if proposing a live hardware demonstration, a list and short description of the hardware you will be using at the Challenge.


Please email submissions to  Notifications of acceptance will be sent by May 1st, 2010.


Travel support

Travel support may be possible for selected participants, depending on available funds and level of demand.