Sonia Chernova


During the 2009-2010 academic year I was a postdoctoral associate in the Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Lab.  My current position is as an assistant professor at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

This website is no longer being updated.


My current project focuses on the development of social robots capable of interacting with people, learning from observations of human behavior, and acting as assistants in collaborative tasks.  Using the MDS robot Nexi pictured on the left, I am studying how observations of collaborative human behavior recorded in a simulated world can be used to generate autonomous robot behavior, and predict human responses, in a real-world domain.

Research Projects

Help to make robots smarter, play Mars Escape!  Mars Escape is a two-player online game designed to gather data about human teamwork, coordination and interaction.  In the game, you can take the role of an astronaut or a robot on Mars who must complete their mission before oxygen supplies run out.  Data collected from the game will be used to generate autonomous behaviors for the MDS robot Nexi and to study human-robot interaction by recreating the game environment in real life at the Boston Museum of Science this fall!