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research continued at MIT Media Lab, Tangible Media Group




A modified version of Moving Pictures is demoed at the MIT Media Lab, in the Tangible Media group. Future work is taking place.

Moving Pictures was exhibited for 3 months over Summer 2005 at the Ark (Dublin) for the Save the Robots Event. We also evaluated the combination of Moving Pictures as a Video Jockey platform and Terraria - that allows to shoot video in the museum exhibition space- and Multimodal Drumsteps - that allows the creation of soundtracks.

Moving Pictures was presented at the CAIF workshop, Collaborative Artefacts Interactive Furniture.

Pilot tests about improvisational theater for adults using Moving Pictures

Moving Pictures was exhibited at SIGGRAPH 2005 as part of the Incubator, Educator Program.

Moving Pictures was exhibited full time at CRITE Centre for Research in I.T. in Education, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Pilot study at the Ark (Dublin) the 6th and 7th of November 2004; with the help of Eoghan Kidney (director of Delicious9 & visual artist), Leo Mc Kenna (Ark Tour manager), and Michael John Gorman (Project Director, Arkimedia)


Other activities
- Demo and poster at Science and Cyber, September 2004, Umeå-Sweden
- Demo at Innovact, October 2004, Reims-France
- Workshops with users, user tests, focus group discussions
- Final design concept, final prototype
- Final tests at the Ark (Dublin), Östermlamsskolan and Umeå University’s open house for children Upptäcksfärden (Umeå)


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